When Children Pray

Swan LakeWaking by Swan Lake’s edge
watery mist flows over the surface
and fish rings break the skin of stillness
yet a quiet peace reigns as morning rises
leaving ripples spreading
across my mind-swirl and awe
of tracking Wolf east along the sandy beach and Great Blue Heron walks nearResilient Toad in Tree
land’s edge heading west
while Eagle overhead circles silently east


and children spread laughter and joy and play as prayers
Toad nestles in tree crevice
Turtle rests on grass-grown river log
Ducks feed bottoms-up in the Au Train River


Sacred Fireand I…I feast on Life
consumed by the sacred fire
burning in my heart


Note: This post is a really a followup to a recent and previous post, Going Camping. Readers might also appreciate this post, Resiliency Dancing: Play for you for Life.

About Larry Glover

A lover of wild nature, author, speaker, retreat facilitator & wilderness guide, revealing all the while we are more like the forest—than we are different.
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