Life’s Two Fierce Questions!

May it be so?

Grand Reflections

May it be so
That we may know the waters of life
And the tree of life
are One
That those waters flow in our veins
Even as that tree is rooted in our souls
And that the men and women and children of the earth
Are one people
One family
Brothers and sisters
All creation
A mirror
For looking within
A window
For looking without
A portal
For entering
For celebrating
The two dancing partners
Of duality
Of Oneness
Where all is fodder
For learning
A world transforming
Of no-waste.
In such a world,
There are only two questions:
“What shall I feed myself, today:
Fear? or Love?”

And the second question is this:
“What shall I make of myself,
As a sacrifice of flesh and spirit,
With which to feed the world?”

Grand Canyon Fire

Lay these two questions gently,
Like two sacred aspen logs,
Upon the heart fire of your soul.
For with our answer,
We chose the Nature of the Fire
that will live in the hearth of our heart,
that will consume our lives,
that we will serve.
The choices are but two

though the blend of these we each create

is the art of our living:

Follow the Path of Joy
And stoke the Fires of Renewal and Re-Creation;

Follow the Way of Fear — of Insatiable Hunger,
The Way of Externalized Authority,
And the Fires of Armageddon
Will haunt you all the way
into your grave.

Note: this post will also appear on the blog site as a page, introducing this key conceptual  piece of the Wild Resiliency model.

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6 Responses to Life’s Two Fierce Questions!

  1. lifecreativitycoach says:

    It is beauitful and moving. Thanks for sharing.


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  3. Jim Hannan says:

    Hi Larry,
    Awesome! Thanks for sharing the above.
    I was invited on a 10 day Alsek River trip with Kluane National Park. We did the same trip in 1984, and the experience, friendship and river bonding was similar to our Colorado River float.
    Hello to Dotty.
    Jim & Shirley

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