The Way to Strengthen Your Hardiness

The way to strengthen your hardiness –
is to re-member your Wholeness!

Re-member your body!

Re-claim your mind!

Know it is all conditioning
how you see yourself
and the world.

Be born again.
See the world with the eyes of a child

The heart of embraceSanta Fe Baldy
and of wild wisdom –
knowing discernment
and how to flow like Spring’s water
in the yet white headwaters of Sangre’s
Pecos River singing along
continuously shape shifting
accommodating your spirit
to the bedrock of the world’s nature
out of which you arise
are cradled and held
and too shape
this mystery we call Life.

The Way to Strengthen Your Hardiness –Pecos River
is to Re-Connect to Your Wholeness!

The Earth
The Waters
The Air
The Soil
Re-Member Your Body
Re-Claim your mind!

Oh yea
That is where we started isn’t it

Re Membering

Re Claiming

the joy
the celebration
of Wholeness

of hardiness.

There is separation in Life but
there is no separateness.
We are all connected.
– David Bohm
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