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Wild Mind Book Review, Part 2 — Exploring the Map of the Human Psyche

Who are you? And what is it to be a human being anyway? What would it be like to actually have a map to “optimal human development” that you could use to help track your own journey into wholeness? Author … Continue reading

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Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche – Review Part 1

What if the map to the human psyche that we each have inherited from culture, the map to what it is to be a human being, is fundamentally flawed? Might not such a fundamental error in the cartography of being … Continue reading

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Out Beyond Identities

Out beyond identities of Democrat and Republican and Independent Out beyond affiliations of Tea Party and Occupy movements Out beyond the economics of privilege and lack Further out beyond the colors of skin— yellow, black, brown, red, white and mixed … Continue reading

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Do the Stars Long to Shine?

there is a presence in the beating of your own heart
a primal drum calling you home
like a rain drop returning to the sea. Continue reading

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The Survivors Club: Secrets & Science to Save Your Life

Who among us is not challenged by the times we live in if not the adversity of a life circumstance? I received a recent call from a dear friend freshly diagnosed with breast cancer. A brother in Michigan struggles with … Continue reading

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Thrivability Field Guide

I was pleased to receive a mention and link the other day on the Thrivability blog site. Author Jean Russell there writes about her work on a new book, The Field Guide to Leaps Toward Thrivability. “The field guide will … Continue reading

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Educating for Thrivability

A human requires less than 100 watts of energy per day to survive; that represents about 2000 calories of food, according to renowned theoretical physicist and president of the prestigious Santa Fe Institute, Geoffrey West. This was only a warm … Continue reading

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