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Culture Change – Our World Crashing Around Us

The value of an accurate worldview during times of turbulence is particularly critical, to individuals, businesses, and to nations. Distinguishing the ‘Chicken Littles’ from those praying for Armageddon from the prophets… is now more vital than ever. It will be … Continue reading

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Living Life — Inspired by Water!

In delightfully discovering the Thrivability blog I there was gifted with the discovery of The Upward Spiral video of Paul Krafel. Paul summarizes a lifetime of being inspired by water there. His thinking is creative, practical and inspirational. The video … Continue reading

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Thrivability Field Guide

I was pleased to receive a mention and link the other day on the Thrivability blog site. Author Jean Russell there writes about her work on a new book, The Field Guide to Leaps Toward Thrivability. “The field guide will … Continue reading

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Interwoven Spiraling Dimensions of Consciousness!

I exist-as interwoven spiraling dimensions of consciousness. This ‘I’ is a complexity of entangled webs, woven of but one golden thread of essence. It is the challenge of following and identifying that thread, that essential identity, that core of being … Continue reading

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Dreaming of Thrivability

It is 2 AM. I am in a Holiday Inn Express in Denver, CO. I have come here by invitation to become acquainted with colleagues from The Omega Point International, and to sit in on a program they are hosting … Continue reading

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