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But for Lao-tzu…

Thus it is I live more wholly in the un-knowing of an open mind and an open heart, for surely their gentleness and their wild resilience is like that of water, saying “Yes!” to all it encounters. Imagine a world where corporate and national sustainability policies were informed by the wild intelligence and un-knowing of water! Continue reading

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Personality, Resiliency and Transformation Part 1

Each of us are born with our own genetic predispositions for, shall we say for sweetness or sourness, for bitterness or tartness, for openness or closeness…. There are physical dimensions to these propensities just as there are leanings in our … Continue reading

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Resiliency and Business Schools and Recession 101

…Western civilization must withdraw from its efforts at dominion over the Earth. This will be one of the most severe disciplines in the future, for the Western addiction to economic dominance is even more powerful than the drive toward political … Continue reading

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