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The Great Forgetting — Who Are We Anyway?

…in meditative brevity he provocatively invites us to consider and witness what it is to be human, fully and wholly human, absent the wall of separation from Life. He is playing with our identity, with our awareness of what it means to be human. He would have us remember our wholeness, to live into its unanswerable mystery. Continue reading

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Communion — as a Strategy of Resilience

Communion Many a thought running through this 2AM mind like children in a playground each following a trail of their own spontaneous desire together and alone weaving webs of patterns mirroring how it is we commune with the world and … Continue reading

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Interwoven Spiraling Dimensions of Consciousness!

I exist-as interwoven spiraling dimensions of consciousness. This ‘I’ is a complexity of entangled webs, woven of but one golden thread of essence. It is the challenge of following and identifying that thread, that essential identity, that core of being … Continue reading

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Thrivability: What Will It Take?

I long ago came to the conclusion that the only purpose of a good answer is to take one into a deepening and a refining of the question. And given that I’ve been writing about thrivability of late, I felt … Continue reading

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