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From Tragedy to Triumph: Resiliency Inspirations for the Journey

“They rarely saw themselves as victims. Instead, they focused on one of two great skills: creativity or the ability to connect to others.”

It is in numerous nuggets such as this that the book finds its practical applications, beyond serving as inspiration. We all find ourselves in need of inspiration at times, and studying the lives of those who have found their way through the extremes of adversity is a worthwhile and enlightening way to rediscover it. The book leaves me feeling, “If they can do it, I can too!” Continue reading

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Resiliency: Perfectionism vs. Excellence Revisited

I start feeling like I haven’t taken a bath or brushed and flossed my teeth or had a good meal or a restful night of sleep… if I stay away from writing for too long. Writing for me is like… … Continue reading

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Many a self I have known

“The capacity to transform is what will get us through the unexpected changes that are coming.”                — Dr. Steven Carpenter, Ecologist, Resilience 2008 Interview on A World of Possibilities Many a self I have known and been. Some were friendly … Continue reading

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