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Sleeping with Rumi: Two Kinds of Resilience

It is true. I slept with Rumi last night. Yes. It is true too that he wears a beard and that after a January’s week of being alone in a remote mountain cabin, I now sprout one too. But that … Continue reading

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Six Steps to Intentional Resilience

I recently stumbled upon the Morning Bridge Center web site and delightfully discovered them to be a resonate resiliency resource for folks. Their page, What is Resiliency?, begins: Resilience is the internal empowerment of an individual to exhale fortitude back … Continue reading

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A Matter of Perspective! – Part 1

If the world’s population were reduced to one hundred,it would look something like this… So begins The Miniature Earth Project video. “The text that originated this movie was published on May 29, 1990 with the title ‘State of the Village … Continue reading

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Let the Beauty of What You Love Be What You Do!

Ever notice how easy it is to orient your life by Fear? I have. I’ve even been struggling with that Dragon a bit of late. Not surprising I suppose, given that I grew up suckling on Fear as if it … Continue reading

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Synchronicity: Animals Do the Cleverest Things

I love the presence of synchronicity in my life, that simultaneous rising to the surface of seemingly unrelated Life threads; their disparate occurance such that the interweaving of Life seems nevertheless obvious. Such was the case for me this AM … Continue reading

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Choose to See the Joy in Life!

A dear friend of mine recently lost his wife and best friend to Death. Over breakfast the other day he sat his coffee down and exclaimed with a damn near Irish brogue: You know, if you let yourself you could … Continue reading

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Foreplay Can Begin With a Dishtowel!

Men are beginning to understand that doing housework…unprompted goes a long way to creating marital happiness…Intimacy is not just for the bedroom, in other words. Foreplay can begin with a dish towel. —The Toronto Globe and Mail, Quoted in the … Continue reading

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Educating for Thrivability

A human requires less than 100 watts of energy per day to survive; that represents about 2000 calories of food, according to renowned theoretical physicist and president of the prestigious Santa Fe Institute, Geoffrey West. This was only a warm … Continue reading

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Resiliency Dancing: Play for Your Life!

“I don’t know how to play,” the man said to me. The statement carried a certain intimacy simply because the man speaking is one of my brothers.Boy in Fountain

Mythologist Joseph Campbell’s admonition to, “Follow your bliss,” would have been heard as a promotion of hedonism in our fundamentalist childhood home. Continue reading

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