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When the Holy is Under Our Feet!

When we realize that we are indeed standing upon holy ground, in that is the experience of our own holiness as well Continue reading

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the heart of resiliency

This is the heart of resiliency. It looks and behaves differently in each of us and at different times in our lives and in history itself. It’s grounding however is in loyalty to the love of Life, and in the courage required to find a voice of our own in affirmation of a wild joy and wisdom within. Continue reading

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Our Hunger for Nature

The theme this year for both events is, Aspen’s Ancient Wisdom: An Inquiry Into The Heart of Resiliency. We’ll weave a provocative and inspiring poetic tapestry in both events, speaking the languages of poetry, ecology, biology, resiliency science, psychology, mythology and just a dash of quantum physics for spice. Continue reading

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