Heart Opportunity Knocking — At Your Door!

Datura Flower

The World is my teacher

filtered through eyes memories and emotions

attitudes moods and beliefs

conscious and unconscious

rigidities and flexibilities

of body and heart and spirit and vision… and

My goddess!

How large a being can I allow

this little Self to grow into?

The broken-open Heart

it is rumored

has room


for all.

— dedicated to the Aspens, and to Sheva, both true through to their heart

And Sheva, a ballerina of wild resiliency, at Fyera.com, is offers recurring HeartMath courses. The first beginner’s class is free, and her web site is a treasure of the heart’s wild wisdom.

A better mentor cannot be found; and it is true, the accessed intelligence of the heart integrates mind’s powers and knows the path through these times we are in, personally and collectively.

Where do we think

brain gets

its Life Blood from anyway?*

The invitation is in the listening


tracking breath’s incoming roots

to the heart’s longings

for the coherency of a Self

arriving as we open

the heart portal

to gratitude or appreciation or love…

all or any capable of expanding our experience of self

out of an identity too small

to hold

the grandeur

and the ordinariness

the warts

and the visions

of our heart’s

blueprint for fulfillment

we are after all

our very own teachers and pharmacists


of Fyera!*

awaiting but the revealing

of own heart’s door

The time, by the way,

last I checked,

is Now!

Same as yesterday and tomorrow.

So why not open Now

this most vulnerable

most intimate of doors.


*Fyera: the sparkle in your eyes… enthusiasm, joy, happiness, hope, motivation, love, peace, serenity, contentment, compassion, openness to life, care…

*Heart Facts: 80% of communication between the brain and the heart… is from the heart to the brain!

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