For the Sake of a Worldview…

For the sake of a Worldview
one person thrives through challenging times
and another flounders on the rocks of life
one business is full of joyful people and customers
and another will crash on the rocks of change
one farmer’s soil is fertile and abundant
and the dirt of his neighbor’s is thin and impotent
one country sows peace on the planet
and another spreads fear in every footstep.

For the sake of a Worldview
one man hugs his son
in spontaneous and open affection and
another man whips and beats his son
to save a soul from sin—
and a loving God’s condemnation.

For the sake of a Worldview
millions of Chinese are now homeless
fifteen thousand now dead, maybe more,
so that buildings might go up quickly
profits rising skyward
ignoring the inevitable
that mother Earth likes
to shake her skin now and then.

For the sake of a worldview
poverty leads to harvesting
sheltering mangrove trees from the coast
and thousands more are now dead in Myanmar
yet more are hungry or starving even
and without water
so that a military junta
might save embarrassment and power while
hiding from their own interdependency,
their inevitable human mortality.

For the sake of a Worldview
one country invents threat and invades another
politicians tell lies for reasons why
and lies once told breed yet more
to hide, cover and protect
vulnerable egos and greedy hearts and
war criminals proclaim their patriotism
and our salvation is found in an endless war.

For the sake of a Worldview
one man beats his wife
giving her what he feeds himself inside
and another man whistles as he walks to work.

For the sake of a Worldview
people can, people do, change
transform their very selves
Re-Member their rooting into Earth
so that for the sake of a worldview
sunlight and wind transform
into clean energy
food is grown
and eaten locally
neighbors know neighbors names
neighbors help neighbors
mass transit rises like a phoenix
schools nurture the innate love of learning
health care is offered all in need
clean water access is a right
clean air too
all men are created equal and
thrive-ability supersedes sustainability of mind
and re-genesis of life’s diversity
Life’s vitality is valued
and the love of Life is subsidized
and biognosis, the knowledge of Life’s ways, is too

and rain falls upon the just… and… or… upon the unjust
For the sake of a Worldview.

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Mathew 5:45 “…for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust.”

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