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Saying “Yes!” to Life — ReWilding the Self #8

In this terrible crisis of the Deepwater oil gusher is the telling of a story of war against our very selves that is collapsing in upon itself. This story mirrors to us the many ways our lives, life styles and very identities are currently configured for self-destruction.

Mirrored to us as well is yet an older story: Life’s invitation to itself once again to experience a transformation of identity. This is the path of the upward spiral of resilience. And it is ours personally to claim as birthright—as we each hear the awakening within.

So say, “Yes!” to Life. Within this affirmation is the awakening power of our transformation. Continue reading

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Resiliency — a poem by Allison Burnett, and Reflectiions

Resiliency I’m weary of resiliency. I want the kind of heart that breaks The way a wafer cracks in two — Along a fault.  Mine merely aches And bends, as does an autumn twig, Which, drenched by April rain and … Continue reading

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