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From Tragedy to Triumph: Resiliency Inspirations for the Journey

“They rarely saw themselves as victims. Instead, they focused on one of two great skills: creativity or the ability to connect to others.”

It is in numerous nuggets such as this that the book finds its practical applications, beyond serving as inspiration. We all find ourselves in need of inspiration at times, and studying the lives of those who have found their way through the extremes of adversity is a worthwhile and enlightening way to rediscover it. The book leaves me feeling, “If they can do it, I can too!” Continue reading

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Edward T. Hall: A Personal Remembrance and “Thank You”

Edward Hall, Expert on Nonverbal Communication is Dead at 95 1914 — July 20, 2009 A Personal Remembrance and Thank You. Edward T. Hall’s book, The Hidden Dimension, was for me like being a kid and discovering a hidden light … Continue reading

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The Survivors Club: Secrets & Science to Save Your Life

Who among us is not challenged by the times we live in if not the adversity of a life circumstance? I received a recent call from a dear friend freshly diagnosed with breast cancer. A brother in Michigan struggles with … Continue reading

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A Change and Hardiness Strategy

The realization of Oneness is the most viable change and hardiness strategy available to us – as individuals, in business, and as a nation. Say what? you ask. Yep. Woody Allen said it this way: “Students achieving oneness will move … Continue reading

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Resiliency as a Game

I coined the term wild resiliency to reference a particular style of resilience: the resilience that grows and is rooted in our love of life. Out of this love grows our willingness to transform, in the service of Life. The … Continue reading

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Resiliency and Shamanism

The Strong Eye of Shamanism; A Journey into the Caves of Consciousness Robert E. Ryan, Ph.D. Inner Traditions. 1999. Dr. Ryan takes us on a journey into the Paleolithic caves of antiquity, and through that exploration into the “caves of … Continue reading

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Intelligence in Nature: Clever Ravens followup

Following up here as an earlier post on Intelligence in Nature, my friends at The Fat Finch: Bird Brain Blog are doing an interesting series on Crows and Ravens that is worth checking out. The short video clips in part … Continue reading

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Money: a Transformative Agent!

Lynne Twist is the author of The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources. She is also a successful fundraiser, futurist, and a founder of the Pachamama Alliance. The Soul of Money is an “…invitation to confront … Continue reading

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